Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis is a partner in a construction company and serves as the Marketing Chairman for Latimer Country Tourism.

Lauren loves her job because it allows her to help people fulfill their dreams of owning a home or investing in property. She also enjoys bringing economic development to Southeastern Oklahoma. She believes family is the most important thing in life, and when it comes to buying or selling a property, her main focus is helping clients achieve the best outcome for their families. Lauren has partnered with The Brenda Richey Group in order to bring a slew of skills to the region.

Lauren is always looking for new ways to develop further and become a better, more organized version of herself. In her own words, “I'm always looking for ways to grow as an agent so that I can provide even better services to my clients every day. In the next year, I see myself growing into new areas of real estate that will allow me to help even more people achieve their dreams.”

Lauren takes pride in helping all kinds of people find their perfect property. Whether you are a first-time buyer, looking for that perfect second home or looking for a great investment, Lauren is willing to go above and beyond to give you the concierge real estate experience you deserve. Lauren also strives to assist in connecting homeowners, landowners and commercial property owners with the best buyers for their property.

In addition, Lauren is passionate about driving economic development for her community, which is why she serves on the Latimer County Tourism Board. She works with the local leadership and county boards to develop tourism strategies and plans to drive growth for small local businesses and bring new opportunities for the local people.

Lauren is also a partner in a construction business. Her vast experiences there have set her up to deliver expert advice and solutions when required by clients in land development and real estate construction.

Lauren is always excited to be able to partner with the local people she has built relationships with for the last 30 years and connect them with new opportunities to promote economic development.

Lauren has been married to her husband JT for 11 years, and has two children. In her free time, Lauren likes spending time with her family and traveling and accumulating new ideas from around the world to incorporate into her community. She regularly volunteers at church functions and enjoys being involved with the local community.

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