Brenda Richey

Brenda Richey is a real estate developer and a licensed realtor with over 20 years of experience in helping clients build wealth through real estate. Known for her unmatchable customer service and outstanding negotiation skills, she believes in providing a smooth and fun experience to reduce the stress associated with making real estate decisions. 

With extensive experience as a licensed realtor in Dallas, Texas, she recently ventured into the land development industry. She now has a full-service real estate team with wide-ranging land sales experience in farm, ranch and undeveloped land. 

Brenda spearheaded Timber Ridge Estates, a gated luxury development located on 800 acres of land in Southeast Oklahoma, with her husband and other business partners. Currently, she is managing Timber Ridge Estates and The Brenda Richey Group after relocating to the Sardis Lake area.  

Brenda takes pride in forming lifelong relationships with her clients, and often sells to multiple generations within the same family. Most of her business comes through personal referrals and repeat business, resulting from her commitment to getting to know her clients personally. She forms meaningful connections and provides the best service and solutions to her clients and their families.  

Brenda has an uncompromising integrity and work ethic. Her sincere passion for offering ideal real estate solutions is apparent through her commitment and responsiveness, which is hard to find in this industry.  

Before she pursued her love for real estate, she was a full-time mother to four beautiful children. She enjoyed caring for her kids, who are now adults, and is proud of the things they are currently achieving in their lives. Brenda wants to provide her clients with the same comfort and memories she and her family enjoyed by helping them find their dream homes.

Brenda and her husband are excited to call Southeastern Oklahoma home and feel very blessed to have the opportunity to live in a beautiful and growing area. Brenda is very active in the community and serves on the Latimer County Tourism Board.  In her free time, Brenda loves exploring the outdoors and traveling to gain new experiences. She enjoys spending time with and creating more wonderful memories with her friends and family.

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