July 12, 2023

Reach Your Land Development Goals with Southeastern Oklahoma’s Top Real Estate Team

Unlock Your Land Development Potential with Southern Oklahoma's Premier Real Estate Experts

The Brenda Richey Group is ready to assist you with your land development goals. We closely partner with you to turn your real estate dreams into reality. We are ready to help you reach your investment goals with unmatched customer service and expertise at every turn of the land development process. Let’s get started.

The Importance of Partnering with an Experienced Land Developer

Every part of our country is unique and, of course, this absolutely applies to our beloved Southeastern Oklahoma. We want you to succeed because we are invested in the area ourselves.

This is our home, and we want Southeastern Oklahoma to flourish. Our years of experience here means The Brenda Richey Group knows and understands the diverse land, topography and even the soil of Southeastern Oklahoma.

Whether you are seeking development land for sale to be used for private, commercial or mixed-used purposes, we have the skills to guide you from the pre-development phase to construction to the post-development phase.

Our experience and expertise in luxury home development, wide-open ranch land, farmland and private hunting grounds means successful Oklahoma land development is within your reach.

Our experience and expertise means we are here to offer you innovative land development solutions every step of the way. We also know that navigating the monetary and legal aspects of land development is not easy, but our knowledge and experience ensures you won’t go over budget, get lost in red tape or hit legal snags.

We communicate and work closely with local governments to make sure proper guidelines and zoning laws are always followed.

Taking Your Vision from Concept to Reality

We work with you and guide you through every phase of the land development process.

Each of the three main phases, listed below, require the specialized expertise and skills that our team brings to our clients.

1.) Pre-development

2.) Construction

3.) Post-development

Southeastern Oklahoma land development is not an easy process, but our team’s comprehensive know-how means you can rest easy through the entire process.


We listen to you. We listen to what you’re looking for, your budget and your vision in order to inform us on your precise goals. Your clear vision means we can target the right land for your project. Having an honest assessment of your budget and financial goals is vitally important at this juncture as well.

We then take the time to thoroughly scout locations that fit your needs, desires and align with your finances. We won’t waste your time looking at locations that don’t fit your goals or budget .

Our expertise of current markets means you pay a fair price for whatever tract of land you ultimately decide to build on.

Once you have chosen your land, we help you find a trusted land surveyor who will assess your potential land asset to make sure the specifications and property lines are accurate. This lessens the possibility of any legal disputes down the road.

Purchasing your new land comes next. Whether paying with savings, loans, investors or a combination, we make this step as seamless as possible.

Now the real planning begins as you hit the drawing board. Site planning is key as you’ll also be deciding on the arrangement of buildings, roadways, utilities, landscaping and vegetation. In this phase we’ll also connect you with the right people to finalize any zoning permits, applications and necessary paperwork.


The construction phase means your vision is about to start becoming reality. All of your precise specifications, blueprints and/or land plan are ready, and now the real fun begins. This is also when all the utilities are also being connected such as electricity, gas, water, sewage and phone wiring. Depending on your purchase, utilities may be available or they may need to be brought in.

You will also be hiring contractors and project managers. We will be able to offer recommendations to ensure you are working with the right people. After the construction is complete, you’ll have a final inspection done to ensure that everything is just right.


The construction is complete, which means your ultimate goal is closer.  Depending on your particular situation, this could mean that you’re moving in yourself or others will be buying or renting the property for residential or commercial purposes.

If others will be renting or leasing, then you’ll be moving into property management. If needed, the Brenda Richey Group does offer property management services to ensure that your investment is well-maintained and cared for.

What Sets Us Apart?

The number one thing that sets us apart from other real estate groups when it comes to land development is that we have been on both sides of the equation.

We are experienced land developers ourselves. We developed Timber Ridge Estates right here in Southeastern Oklahoma.

We know the excitement, stress, investment and hard work that comes with land development first hand. We have experienced every stage that you will be experiencing with your own investment.

Our Expertise in Land Development

Our team is ready to help you with your own land development venture. Our experience, skills  and innovative land development solutions mean we are ready to help you turn your own vision into reality.

Our experiences with clients of diverse needs and our own experiences in land development are part of what gives us the edge as top-notch land developers in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Your investment in this beautiful land that we ourselves treasure, means we are invested in your success.

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