July 17, 2023

Are You Hunting For Your Own Piece of Private Hunting Land?

Oklahoma and hunting go hand-in-hand, and owning private hunting land in Southeastern Oklahoma certainly has wonderful perks. Let us help you make your private hunting land dream a reality.

We know the land of Southeastern Oklahoma right down to its soil, and we know how to find you the ideal property on which to spend your recreational time enjoying the sport you love. If you’re passionate about hunting, having a quiet open-space away from crowds is often the ultimate dream. Fortunately, Southeastern Oklahoma is the perfect place to make that dream a reality and we are here to guide you through the process.

Here’s what the Brenda Richey Group brings to the table when it comes to finding your piece of private hunting land.

Listening: Understanding exactly what you want out of your hunting property is vital.

This includes how often and much you plan to hunt, your budget, how far you want to travel, if you’re willing to add some sweat equity and whether or not you want any type of residence on the property.

Making sure we find the right property that fits your vision and budget is our goal.

Knowledge: When it comes to hunting land, there are definitely some elements that need to be accounted for. These include food sources, water sources, bedding areas and minimum exits and entries.

If some of these aren’t available, will you be willing to implement them? Making sure the right mix of trees, brush and other vegetation is also important.

Our team includes experienced hunters, which means we speak the language and know exactly what to consider.

Let’s take a closer look at a few more of the items to consider when seeking private hunting land: 


Of course, location is a big one. You want your land close enough to you that you will actually use it and keep it maintained. You also want to consider how the surrounding land is used and how it could affect your own experience, good or bad. For instance, a nearby farm might mean more game for as they are attracted to food sources.

Desired Game

Another consideration is the type of game you prefer to hunt. Depending on the species, you want to make sure it’s the right kind of habitat that will actually attract them. Whether white-tailed deer, turkey, waterfowl or small mammals are the game of your choice, we will find the right location for you. 

Quality of the Property

Looking for signs that it’s a healthy property is essential. This includes making sure there’s geographic diversity such as having forests, fields and water sources. Walking the entire property so there aren’t any unwelcome surprises down the line is vitally important.

Perks to Owning Private Hunting Land

Hunting is an important part of Oklahoma’s culture. It’s not just an activity, it’s a way of life for many who live here.

There are numerous benefits to owning private hunting land. Let’s explore a few of those advantages in greater depth.

Privacy and Exclusivity

This land is your land.

When you own your own hunting land, you have complete control over who can access it.

This means that you can ensure that the land is not over-hunted and that the animals on it remain healthy and abundant.

You can also be sure that your hunting experience will be private and exclusive, without having to worry about other hunters encroaching on your territory. 

Additionally, owning hunting property means you have an increased chance of scoring since you’re not sharing the land with crowds of people.

Of course, keep in mind that sharing hunting time on your land with the friends and loved ones you invite is one of the biggest benefits.

Your guests will appreciate the chance to hunt in a more secluded and private setting.


Peace of mind while you hunt.

Not only do you have a better chance of scoring, but hunting is safer when there are fewer or no other hunters around. Less people means less of a chance of an unfortunate accident occurring.

This benefit of the increase in safety and security while hunting cannot be overstated. 

This safety factor is part of the reason private hunting property is the best place to spend time with and share your skills with your children and grandchildren. You get to spend time together without the extra worry of other hunters, and instead get to focus on growing their skills and your quality time together.

Investment Opportunity

Land is one of the safest and most profitable investments.

The purchase of hunting land in Southeastern Oklahoma is a great investment opportunity, and a wonderful addition to your portfolio. All land generally appreciates in value over time, and private hunting land is no exception.

Land is a limited resource, and as the population continues to grow, land becomes increasingly valuable. If you are not a hunter, you can potentially generate income from leasing the land to hunters or from selling the timber on it. You could even use a cabin on your property as an Airbnb hunting getaway in order to turn a profit. 

Habitat Improvement

Vital stewardship of the land.

Owning your own hunting land gives you the opportunity to manage the land for the benefit of wildlife. This can include planting food plots, adding helpful or removing invasive plant species, creating water sources, and improving habitat.

By doing so, you can attract and retain more wildlife on your land, making it an even better hunting spot. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect more with nature, and to also see the benefits of your hard work in real time. Land conservation and caretaking benefits everyone, people and animals alike.

Build What You Want To

Build when you want to.

Your own property also means you can build on it the way you wish. From deer blinds, to a simple camper hook-up for weekend getaways, to a shed for storage, to a rustic (or modern) cabin the size of your choosing, it’s all up to you.

How about creating the perfect campsite along with a fire pit? What about making an area dedicated to field dressing and the tools that it requires? The doors are open for using your land the way it fits your lifestyle. Importantly, as your needs change over time, you have the freedom to build accordingly.

Family Legacy

Bonding time for generations to come.

Owning hunting land can be a great way to create a family legacy. By passing down the land to future generations, you ensure that your family will always have a place to hunt and connect with nature.

Additionally, owning hunting land can provide a great opportunity to teach younger generations about conservation and the importance of land management.

Hunting provides many benefits for the important kids in your life. Instilling a connection to nature will enhance and benefit their lives in numerous ways. Hunting also requires patience, discipline, responsibility, focus and self-reliance

These important life skills will help carry them throughout life. The valuable lessons, precious memories made and quality family time spent together, are absolutely priceless. 

Furthermore, your land can even be passed down so future generations can do the same. Isn’t this really what putting down roots is all about?

Freedom to Hunt

Your land, your choice.

When you own your own hunting land, you are free to hunt whenever you want - in season, of course. You don't have to worry about getting a permit or competing with other hunters for a spot.

This can make for a much more enjoyable and stress-free hunting experience. Isn’t that a load off?

In conclusion, owning your own hunting land can provide a plethora of benefits, from privacy and exclusivity to investment opportunities and habitat improvement to priceless family memories.

If you're an avid hunter and are looking for a way to enhance your hunting experience, buying private hunting land may be the perfect solution.

Once you’re ready to “pull the trigger” and purchase your own piece of hunting land, you could have your own private hunting property ready to go for the season. 

Our team is ready to help, we cannot wait to work with you to make your private hunting property dreams a reality. Contact us today.

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